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The perfect gift for creative people
Creative Pillow – is brand that creates bedding sets and pillowcases only from natural fabrics and all the images are painted with hand using only textile paint. Every product is made only from 100% natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, satin and linen

It’s comfy and safe with us!

We deliver worldwide!
We’ll deliver your orders all over the planet Earth! :)
Only Handmade!
All products are painted by hand! We use only natural fabrics
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We accept Visa and MasterCard, PayPal or cash
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Didn’t find what you like?
We’ll draw what you want!
Each drawing is applied BY HAND with special textile paint and brushes. Handmade drawings are very pleasant to the skin and do not interfere with sleep, as the fabric absorbs the paint and doesn’t remains on its surface, unlike print technique. After the application, each drawing passes thermal treatment that would keep it stay "forever"
Owning the best product «Creative Pillow» treat it with 100% love! :)
Creative Pillow – it’s an opportunity to realize your ideas because the designer can draw on bedclothes any drawing that you like
Create your own design
Have an idea?
Lets draw on bedding together!
Have an idea?
Lets draw on bedding together!
If you have an image, please attach it!
You also can ask questions!
Lets realize your idea!
Worldwide shipping - that’s what we do!
Fast couriers, free pickup and a lot of different bonuses! Our delivery is maximally fast and safe because we want that every unique and exclusive parcel came to you just in time
Usually we need about 1-3 working days after you've made a purchase to create your order
Delivery time doesn’t include manufacturing period because absolutely all orders are created especially for you
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You can pick up your order in our office: Riga, Dzirnavu street 9-2.
We deliver to all Omniva stations around Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.
How does it works?
When ordering please choose "Omniva" delivery method and choose the nearest to you station. When order will be delivered to specified Omniva station you will receive an SMS with the code. This code you have to enter in Omniva station you choose to receive the order. The order must be received within 7 days
We deliver to 61 Pasta Stacija stations around Latvia!
How does it works?
Your order will be delivered with International Post. You will receive post invitation to your mailbox or parcel straight away (depending on country). With this invitation only you can receive your order by presenting your ID. Delivery terms depends on season and destination country what may take be from 2 till 20 business days
Your order will be delivered with «DHL Express». You will receive email notification and courier call. Delivery time in European Union (EU) is 1-2 business days. USA and Canada: 1-3 business days. Australia, New Zealand and other countries 2-6 business days
Your order will be delivered with «DHL Express». You will receive email notification and courier call. Delivery time in European Union (EU) is 1-2 business days. USA and Canada: 1-3 business days. Australia, New Zealand and other countries 2-6 business days
Creative Pillow – is a common work of a designer and the client, the embodiment of different ideas, not only ours, but also yours! Bedding set from Creative Pillow can be a unique gift for any occasion or a thematic event
About Our Fabrics
В производстве постельного белья используется два вида ткани
Sateen is also made of 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. For its manufacture, strongly twisted cotton threads of triple weave are used. It is this technique which gives it a gentle, light shine and a very soft feeling when touched
The fabric is made of 100% long-staple cotton. The secret of the popularity of percale is in the natural properties of cotton and its weaving. Threads are not twisted together, on the contrary - they lie evenly. That is why this material is dense, yet smooth and gentle
Recommended if ...
Recommended if ...
You are looking for a luxuriously soft and silky sensation, but without the shine resembling silk
At night, you often get hot. Percale is light, breathable and cool to the touch
In more detail, it is
In more detail, it is
  • Durable, slippery
  • Very silky
  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Crispy and cool
  • Light and durable
  • 100% cotton
If both fabrics are 100% cotton, then what's the difference?
What is the fabric weaving, and how does it affect your sensations?
Both materials are 100% cotton, though there is a big difference in their texture
In the manufacture of sateen, strongly twisted cotton threads are used. It is this technique which gives the fabric a smooth and gentle shine. The scheme consists of three main threads woven with one extra. Sateen is denser fabric and heavier in weight, while much smoother and softer than percale. We use sateen with an increased index of thread weave density: more than 300 threads per 1 cm2
The process design of percale is the most standard: one main thread is taken and intertwined with one extra. Thus, fabric looks the same both externally and internally. Very high density of fabric weave threads certifies the high quality of our bed linen. Our percale has 200 threads per 1 cm2
After bedding is sewed all drawing are applied by hand. If you want your bedding stays with you “forever” - be gentle - it should be handled with care and love. :)
We recommend you to wash it not more than 30 degrees C and also don’t bleach it. White ironing - choose high temperatures
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